The ELAM Group is Hiring!

At The ELAM Group, 2021 begins just as 2020 ended – seeking the best staff possible to support its growing client base. “We take time with our hiring practices, making sure the candidate fits well with us and us with them,” said James Hogan, President & CEO of The ELAM Group. At this time, Hogan said The […]

Hiring During a Pandemic

Employment opportunities are hard to come by during this difficult period, but that has not deterred The ELAM Group from posting the “now hiring” sign. “The sustained impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly affected every business’s economic outlook,” said President & CEO James P. Hogan, “and ours is no different in that regard. But […]

The ELAM Group Celebrates 5 Years!

The ELAM Group commemorates it’s 5th Anniversary by celebrating true heroes, the Respiratory Pediatric Unit at Community North Hospital.    

Purdue’s FNR Career Fair Offers Top Talent, Growth for The ELAM Group

Purdue Career Fair

As The ELAM Group’s first 5 years come to a close, it looks forward to its next 5 years with a lens on the future of environmental consulting. As portrayed in the video clip below, Purdue University’s annual Department of Forestry & Natural Resources (“FNR”) Career Fair held in February of 2020 offers a look […]