The ELAM Group Announces East Coast Expansion

Strategic Environmental Consulting

Manage Your Risk.
Mitigate Your Liabilities.

A balanced and prudent approach—eliminating environmental stress and
charting your long-term financial success.

A balanced and prudent approach—eliminating environmental stress and charting your long-term financial success.

A Targeted Approach

Environmental Support

Unmatched expertise in advising clients and managing environmental liabilities—from funding to site assessment, remediation, and closure

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Fuel Development Efforts
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Comprehensive Solutions

An Innovative
Environmental Management
Full-service contracting to assess, remediate, and close claims
Peer Review
Mitigate environmental claim risk with cost and scope peer review
Environmental Provisioning
Resolve claims and extinguish risk reliably with ASTM-based time and cost modeling
Due Diligence
Achieve landowner liability protection with ASTM-based solutions
Litigation Support
Consulting expert and expert testimony proficiency
Environmental-to-Business Solutions
Customized comprehensive liability
transfer services

Rooted in Research

Navigating the Complexity and Cost Risk of EPA’s PFAS Roadmap

President and CEO James Hogan offers crucial insight for navigating the complexities of the EPA’s PFAS Strategic Roadmap—and beyond.


The ELAM Group Announces East Coast Expansion, Adds Patrick Caulfield

The ELAM Group is thrilled to announce an East Coast expansion with Patrick Caulfield joining...

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The ELAM Group Welcomes New Staff Scientists

The ELAM Group is thrilled to welcome two new staff scientist to its expanding team.

Pivotal Deadline Approaching for PFAS Hazardous Substance Designation Under CERCLA

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The ELAM Group President and CEO James Hogan Named to NSBA Leadership Council

James Hogan has been named to the National Small Business Association (NSBA) Leadership Council

Chris Sloffer named Technical Director of The ELAM Group

We are proud to announce that Chris Sloffer, CHMM has been promoted to Technical Director of The...