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Take control of your environmental liability! The ELAM Group provides full service contracting to assess, remediate and close your claim successfully. Retain The ELAM Group today to provide you with a prudent, technically defensible approach!

Litigation Support

Groundwater Modeling

Peer Review

Environmental Contracting

Environmental Risk

Provisioning & Forecasting

Environmental Consulting

Pollution Claim Oversight

Expert Witness

Our Environmental Contracting Practice Area provides clients with the highest degree of confidence and greatest amount of control in formulating their environmental assessment, remediation and closure plans. By engaging in our Environmental Contracting practice, we promise to deliver you regulatory compliance in a structured, predictable and accurate manner. We will guide you through each step of the process, informing you of the risks along the way – leaving you in charge. Our goal is to provide you with 100% satisfaction that your environmental liability is handled appropriately, thereby freeing up your time to concentrate on your primary business decisions at hand.

Environmental Liability

Retain your environmental expert today! Don’t get caught assuming environmental liability. Virtually every environmental claim and property transfer is susceptible to financial risk and litigation. Trust in The ELAM Group to be your Litigation Expert!

Litigation Support

Pursue trial or settle?

Causation. Fingerprinting. Forensics.  Our Litigation Support Practice provides you with a rigorous, unbiased approach that allows you to tackle these important issues with confidence. Be it as a consulting expert or testifying expert,The ELAM Group puts you on the road to a winning strategy.

Reserve Cost Estimate

The ELAM Group’s Reserve Cost Estimating Practice Area takes the guesswork out of notoriously complex reporting metrics. Whether it’s a single site or large portfolio assessment, we are positioned to provide you with a reliable, technically defensible result that provides your company with predictability that mitigates your financial risk.

Peer Review

Entrepreneurs, business professionals, attorneys and government officials alike rely on our Peer Review Practice Area to provide them with the technical voice needed to facilitate fair bidding, reduce insurance claim risk, peer review a consultant’s technical strategy and audit invoices.

Pollution Claim Oversight

The environmental consulting industry is a $26.2 billion industry – and growing. At this rate, public and private entities alike have become increasingly aware of the value of technical and financial oversight. Insurance claims handlers, environmental business managers and city planners retain oversight consultants to:

  • Understand the technical and financial framework necessary to resolve a claim
  • Assess claim portfolio performance
  • Advise on cost reimbursement

Provide balance to your portfolio. Contact The ELAM Group’s Pollution Claim Oversight Practice Area today to resolve your claim with confidence!

Environmental Stability

The ELAM Group has built its foundation on an ancient philosophical principle put forth by Greek philosopher Aristotle: any persuasive argument must contain equal parts ethos, pathos and logos. The ELAM Group firmly believes that in order to put forth a positive contribution to society through business, one must not simply speak with equal parts ethos, pathos and logos, one must live it.


We are so excited to offer the marketplace a new firm based on an age-old philosophy and a 21st Century mindset. We come to you with a diversified set of experiences geared to prudently manage your environmental liabilities, fuel your redevelopment efforts and market your successes.


As we pierce the marketplace, you will come to find that The ELAM Group is about service. Our service to you is geared toward your needs – be it resolving environmental liability at a local, regional and even national level.


Whether you are a property owner or a municipality, an insurance claims handler or a business manager, you will at some point be faced with a very real decision of how to resolve environmental liability. Why gamble? Trust the experience of The ELAM Group to put your portfolio on the course for financial success by eliminating the environmental stress.


As our business grows, you will find that The ELAM Group comes to you as more than just an ordinary environmental consulting firm, we’re your business partner. Every step of the way, The ELAM Group advises its clients through the often murky waters of environmental contamination – be it funding, site assessment, remediation or closure.

Our Promise

We support our colleagues by making them feel welcome and healthy during their daily work routines. In doing so, we strive to maintain a safe work environment — be it office, travel or field work.

Safe work habits are a cornerstone to all of our business activities. We are proud to showcase our compliance with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) safe work practices and training requirements as a fundamental element of our culture. In short, our culture encourages everybody to go home as safe and mentally sound as they came to work each day.


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Our People

What are we if we don’t start with good people? At The ELAM Group, we seek out people who possess good character, a positive personality and an incredibly strong upside. We search long and hard for these people. Our hiring philosophy boils down to this: if you’re good, you’re good, and we would like you to consider joining our team!

As we grow our practice, we routinely have needs for a wide range of technical staff, business managers and administrative support. Please click the links below to see our current list of staffing needs.

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Let’s talk!

Drop us a line and we will reach out to you to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Info

161 Lakeview Dr Suite B

Phone: 888.510.3526

Fax: 317.567.9022

Contact Info

161 Lakeview Dr Suite B

Phone: 888.510.3526

Fax: 317.567.9022