The ELAM Group Announces East Coast Expansion

Jason Oland Named Executive Vice President of The ELAM Group

The ELAM Group President and CEO James Hogan is proud to announce that Jason Oland, who has served as environmental manager since 2016, has been named the company’s Executive Vice President.

In this role, Jason will be responsible for the proper execution, timeliness, and overall quality of all client-related projects. As part of The ELAM Group’s Executive Leadership Team, Jason will also advise on corporate functionality, including client relations, employee engagement, and financial operations.

“This is an incredible honor, and a chance to leverage my prior experience within The ELAM Group to continue helping our clients achieve exceptional outcomes while also building the business to adapt to the rapidly changing market conditions,” said Jason Oland. “Part of my job will be to continue to tackle those changing conditions head-on so we can continue to offer our clients the innovative solutions our service response team routinely delivers and that our clients have come to expect.”

Jason also remains a valued asset to all clients with his over two decades of proven expertise in the fields of environmental consulting, complex litigation, and peer review. He is a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor’s of Science and is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager.

“Well deserved,” said James Hogan, President and CEO of The ELAM Group. “Jason embodies what The ELAM Group desires in its leadership team:  humility, honesty and intelligence.”

Questions? Contact James Hogan at The ELAM Group: [email protected]