The ELAM Group Named Among Financial Services Review’s Top 10 Claims Processing Firms Nationwide

The Environmental Liability & Asset Management Group (ELAM) is receiving national recognition as one of the top claims processing solutions providers in the country—thanks to its specialized service and support, along with its talented team of experts.

ELAM has been named among the Top 10 claims processing solutions providers in the nation by Financial Services Review—with the publication featuring ELAM and President and CEO James P. Hogan on the cover.

Hogan and ELAM have emerged as industry leaders in achieving environmental and financial liability finality. They are recognized for developing a specialized and strategic approach that differs from other claims processing firms—operating in the quaternary and quinary sectors of the economy, the firm serves as an extension to the financial services companies operating in the tertiary sector.

“We’re seeing growing interest among private and public entities for better financial oversight, which is why we’re rooted in a data-driven philosophy—using data insights to develop strategies that help guide smart business decisions,” Hogan said.

Recognizing a need for new and creative strategies, Hogan maintains focus in six specific practice areas, including environmental management, due diligence, peer review, litigation, environmental provisioning, and a full range of environmental-to-business (E2B) solutions and support.

“Our specialized services are designed to provide clarity regarding financial liability, risk, and potential long-term costs, and we have proprietary tools to help us inspect every reasonable strategy to both cleanup and extinguish liability for our clients,” said Hogan.

These proprietary tools have helped ELAM carve its niche as a full-service environmental pollution claims contracting company serving financial stakeholders. And given the emergence of new risks related to climate change, biodiversity loss, ecosystem degradation, and emerging United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) regulations, the top three economic sectors are all facing strong repayment pressure—which has not shown signs of easing.

“We have the technical knowledge and first-hand experience that allows us to understand the full life cycle of these complex environmental claims,” said Hogan. “That’s why we are committed to providing targeted, specialized solutions for any financial services provider—always focused on taking the complex steps necessary for achieving environmental and financial liability finality. With the expected emergence of new and changing environmental regulations, establishing this type of partnership is more important now than ever before.”

Questions? Contact James Hogan at The ELAM Group: [email protected]