23 03, 2018

The ELAM Group Goes Back to School!


The ELAM Group was thrilled to be invited to speak as guest lecturers to  Our Lady of Grace’s 3rd Grade Class on Friday, March 23rd.  Covering a range of topics from mineralogy and petrology to geomorphology The ELAM Group’s James Hogan and Steven LaFollette gave an in-class guest lecture Friday morning.  Impressed by the attentiveness and intelligent questions posed by the class The ELAM Group was delighted to have such an opportunity to help teach today’s youth about important Geologic topics.

Returning Friday afternoon, Mr. Hogan and Mr. LaFollette accompanied by ELAM’s Angela Watts took OLG’s 3rd grade class on a field trip to the White River in order to give real life examples of what was discussed earlier in the day.  Eager students were quick to point out exciting geologic features such as flood plains, terraces, sand bars, terraces, undercut banks, backswamps, and even landslides!

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23 11, 2017

Guiding the Future of Environmental Consulting


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, The ELAM Group’s James Hogan and Tim Cornett gave back to their alma mater in the form of a guest lecture on Friday, November 17, at the University of Dayton, advising the environmental consulting industry’s future.  The lecture’s topics included “Is Environmental Consulting Right for You?” and “Vapor Intrusion Qualifications: Know Your Needs.”

From the point of view of a CEO of a successful Environmental Firm, Mr. Hogan was able to advise students on what Environmental Consulting companies are looking for in college graduates, better preparing them for the job hunt.  As a recent graduate, Mr. Cornett was able to offer a unique perspective and advise students on what worked and didn’t work for him in the search for entry level employment; and what they might do to stand out from the crowd when it comes time for them to start applying.  Both Mr. Hogan and Mr. Cornett explained what an environmental consultant does, why, and what an entry level employee might expect to do in the profession.

As one of the nations leading experts, Mr. Hogan also gave a guest lecture on Vapor Intrusion, focusing on how the landscape of Vapor Intrusion regulation seems to be shifting and how it affects the environmental industry.

James and Tim are both Alumni of the University of Dayton and were very pleased for the opportunity to give back to their alma mater.

Happy Thanksgiving from The ELAM Group!

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