Summertime Changes the Business of Environmental Consulting

As we dig into the month of June and the Summer heats begins to take over, a question comes to mind: In Environmental Consulting, what are some challenges brought on by warmer weather?

The most immediate effects of warmer weather are usually experienced by field staff. It is not uncommon to spend most of the day outside when doing site evaluations or environmental testing (i.e. air, soil, or groundwater). Taking proper precautions such as regular hydration, sunscreen, and a general apathy toward insects should take care of most issues faced by field staff. However, equipment issues can also arise when groundwater sampling in hot conditions. In order to collect a sample from a well, the water being drawn out has to be stabilized in multiple parameters including temperature. If the ambient temperature changes drastically over the day, stabilization of the groundwater can take much longer, which of course extends the amount of time in the elements.  Despite the challenges of warmer weather we can tell you it is a fair trade off from field work in winter conditions.