ELAM Unveils New Website

Site visitors to elamusa.com will notice something different this week as The ELAM Group launches a new look on its website. “It’s important to stay fresh, and this new look reflects our growth,” said President and CEO James Hogan. Featuring ELAM’s four primary Practice Areas where visitors can select from target groups such as:  Environmental Management, Litigation Support, Peer Review or Environmental Provisioning, the website is clean, colorful and upbeat.

Also available on the front page are links to the most recent blogs and video – a great way to stay connected with the latest news and information from The ELAM Group. “We view this new window to the world just like we do our customers – dynamic and energetic,” Hogan added, “For us, this means that our look will never be one of completion, but rather the look of new beginnings that broaden our environmental service platform in a rapidly changing business climate.”  

The Website also offers an opportunity for visitors to make a comment or leave a suggestion on every new blog update. Leave a note while you visit – we would love to hear from you!