Hampton Elected President of Noblesville Common Council

As he begins his 2nd term of office as a member of the Noblesville Common Council, The ELAM Group’s Wil Hampton is taking on a new leadership role with the City. Hampton has been elected President of the council and will serve a one year term. Hampton is The ELAM Group’s Client Development Specialist. “We are glad to see Wil serve in this capacity with the City Council,” said ELAM CEO James Hogan, ”We like all of our employees to be engaged as much as possible in our community.” 

Hampton, who was elected to serve a 2nd four-year term to the Noblesville Council in November 2019, was the Vice President last year. “We have a new administration and three new council members in 2020,” Hampton commented, ”It’s an exciting time to have this opportunity to preside over the council.”  

Hampton will lead the council meetings twice a month, oversee committees and work with new Mayor Chris Jensen and his team to help set agenda items, goals for economic development and budgetary guidelines for 2021. Hampton will continue to lead Client Development for The ELAM Group, a position he’s held since April of 2018. Wil is married to Becky, the couple has three adult children.