We are so excited to offer the marketplace a new firm based on an age-old philosophy and a 21st Century mindset. We come to you with a diversified set of experiences geared to prudently manage your environmental liabilities, fuel your redevelopment efforts and market your successes.


As we pierce the marketplace, you will come to find that The ELAM Group is about service. Our service to you is geared toward your needs – be it resolving environmental liability at a local, regional and even national level.


As our business grows, you will find that The ELAM Group comes to you as more than just an ordinary environmental consulting firm, we’re your business partner. Every step of the way, The ELAM Group advises its clients through the often murky waters of environmental contamination – be it funding, site assessment, remediation or closure.


Whether you are a property owner or a municipality, an insurance claims handler or a business manager, you will at some point be faced with a very real decision of how to resolve environmental liability. Why gamble? Trust the experience of The ELAM Group to put your portfolio on the course for financial success by eliminating the environmental stress.

Service Philosophy